Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well, Christmas is almost here. Rollin has gone to visit the Grandkids and I will work today, but we will be shut down until Monday. Rollin has done some work on the old canoe he was working on. He added some ribs and has begun to replace some planks. I have completed the hull of the Shell Lake duck boat.(seen here) I will do some final clinching and then I'll wet it down to swell the hammer marks. Next I will move on to the Old Town Ideal.(on the left) I will be replacing some ribs. It needs very little planking. Both of these boats will be in the paint room next week for varnish and oil and the end of next week or early the next we will canvas them.


Merg said...

We'll be watching. Got muchsnow up there Pete?

Costume Lady said...

I feel like I need some ribs replaced, too, Pete. (Just kidding)
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Aimee said...

Hi Pete! xoxo

magpie said...

Well, Merry Christmas Eve Eve and that's a lot of work on your dance card today...Maybe afterwards, you can do a little dancing! Perhaps a few of Santa's elves will stop by to help out ☺

I enjoy your cam, your work, your blog.

from Magpie, Eaglet Momster from Martinsburg WV,
we watch the Bald Eagle family at NCTC where your friend Steve works !


Steve said...

Merry Christmas you guys!

Steve said...

Great work guys! I posted the YouTube version on my site as well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Just put the final(?) coat of varnish on the 1937 Guide and 3rd coat on Cheemaun #2 but it will need at least one more - didn't get enough oil into it and the varnish is still wicking under the ribs.