Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So we have missed some steps. We have been experiencing some technical difficulties. The difficult part is being dumber than the computer. So the canoe has been canvassed and filled. The filler needs to dry for several weeks. The exterior of the filler becomes firm right away, but it needs time to fully cure. In the meantime Alice and mark have trimmed the canvas and put on the outside rails. The edges of the rails are rounded over and sanded. This is what they are doing here. Next the thwarts will be installed and the seats too. They will remove the seats at home to continue the interior varnishing. Weeks down the road when the filler can no longer be gouged with a fingernail, the exterior will be sanded and painted.

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magpie said...

Well it is a busy view there at your place...and the view outsite the windows, looks beautiful!

Enjoy checking in now and then...
from Magpie, Eaglet Momster
who watches Steve's NCTC Eagle Cam !
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