Monday, February 15, 2010

That's right! That is not a canoe in the shop.  This is a 18 ft. flat bottom skiff that my son, Adam, uses around the Essex River in Mass. for striper fishing.  We built it last year about this time during school vacation and now after a very successful fishing season he has brought it back to finish off some details that we did not have time for last year.   We are adding some seating, some storage cabinets, in addition to some painting and varnishing. Since Adam and his wife Carleen and their three kids are visiting this week most of this week will be working on family and personal jobs.  We have already had one child with a visit to the emergency room for an ear infection and all my wood scrap has been converted into building blocks and Barbie castles!
  I'm also working on some lighting cabinets for the local Performing Arts Theater which I am a member of.
Peter is home today doing stuff with his kids but he should be in tomorrow and we may do a bit of canoe work and get a boat canvased.

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