Friday, February 19, 2010

Things are back towards normal here. As you can see there are a number of canoes going at once. The square stern on the right has had it's braces and seats fitted. Now they will be varnished and installed. Then the boat will get varnished, hopefully early next week. The gray one in the middle is a closed gunnel Old Town OTCA. It will get a coat of base paint tonight before we leave. I am working on the 20' White #2 (left of center). While clinching it this morning I discovered three more broken ribs. I put them in after lunch and will continue clinching and hopefully not find any more broken ribs. Rollin has been working on the green canoe. That is a 15' B.N.Morris reproduction of ours. It is being trimmed with cherry outside rails to match the cherry decks and the seats to come. There are several canoes in the paint room.  The other 20' White. It has been varnished and will be canvassed next week. There is an old Morris getting yet another coat of white paint, and another Old Town OTCA getting a base layer of paint.  Next week we will be canvassing and filling.


Adam said...

Where is the skiff! Could you show more pics Is there a waiting list to order one? That would be perfect bombing down the Allagash.

Anonymous said...

Then at the end of your great white water Endeavor !you will indeed have enough good lumber for a big fire.