Monday, March 15, 2010

As you can see the Kingfisher is off of the form.  The tempoary plywood transom is left on the form.  The next step for the boat is to install the real mahogany transome and also install the short deck in the bow.  There will be some ugly wood thwarts  that are installed as tempory braces and they will be removed when the real braces are installed.  There is still a little bit of planking to be done just under the rail of the boat.  It's easier to do this planking when the boat is off the form.
The ribs have been bent for the lapstake Skimmer and I will be installing the half ribs this afternoon.  Tomorrow I will start on the planking of the little boat.  It takes a bit of fussing to shape and fit each of the planks for a lapstrake boat so it will not proceed as fast as the planking on the Kingfisher did.

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Anonymous said...

I think Square stern canoes are under rated.. Great job peter.
Nice rig for open waters like moose head..