Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ok, as you may of observed, not too much progress has been made on the canoes in the work shop.  While we have been, sanding, painting and varnishing in the paint room most of the work in the building room has been preparing materials for two 15 ft Cheemaun canoes.  The material for one canoe is being prepared for a canoe kit that is to be shipped to a customer.  He is also receiving the materials to build the form for the canoe. Putting together the kits always takes more time than I think it should.  Garrett has been making the ribs for both boats while I have been making rails and the strongback for the form.   The material for the other canoe is being used for canoe building class that I am doing next week for a alternative education school, Kroka, at the Vermont Leadership School in northern Vt..  It will be a seven day class which starts in the middle of next week so I will be out of the shop for a while but hopefully Peter will be able to carry on.

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