Thursday, March 11, 2010

We have started building a new 15 foot Kingfisher.  That's the boat that Peter is working on with the sq. stern.  In the picture it looks like the boat has a plywood transom but that is really part of the form.  The transom is not put on until the boat is off the form.  Because of the curve of the hull, if we put the transom on while the boat was still on the form, it would be impossible to lift the wood hull up and off of the form!  Peter is lining up the ends of the half ribs so they make a uniform curve along the bottom of the boat.
The white hulled boat is a 18 ft B.N. Morris, serial #6255, for Amiee Ayers of Sunapee N.H..  We believe it was built around 1910 but its hard to tell because the Morris serial numbering code has yet to be broken! This boat also has the closed gunwales that has been so popular in the shop this year.  I'll be putting on the outside stem bands, installing the flag sockets and a bit of other hardware.  The boat is basically ready to go except for the seats which are being caned this week, I hope. 
Its been warm and sunny all week.  The fire wood pile that had been going down very fast now appears plenty big enough to last us as long as we need it.

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