Friday, April 9, 2010

   It's Darrow week here at the Northwoods Canoe company. In this photo Garrett Conover is working on a keel. In the next photo is Elisa Shine. Elisa has come to the shop for a short stint to learn canoebuilding. She spends her summers working for Darrow. Darrow is a wilderness trip Program for youths run out of  The Grand Lake Stream area and does trips all over the northeast. This year Elisa is doing a five week trip to Labradors for them. In the mean time we'll try not to corrupt her mind too much. Garrett spent a summer working for Darrow also, helping them tweak their program. The Darrow program uses traditional camping and traveling methods and uses wood and canvas canoes. We have one of Darrows canoes to restore.

The fine art of canoe building begins with things like cleaning all the lights. Eventually she'll do more canoe work than cleaning, but we need to get it all done. She has already done a fair amount of sanding. There is always plenty to do here.


Merg said...

wake up that Dawg.

Steve Chase said...

Play some Zappa for her Pete.

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