Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just about the last thing that is done on the boat is to install the brass stem bands on the stems.  Its a messy little job because bedding compound is applied under the stem band.  The bedding compound keeps water from sitting between the canvas and the stemband which can cause early rot of the canvas.  the compound is a oil base product and is not a glue so the bands can be removed when that is needed. the bands are installed with small #4 bronze screws and its always a danger that the screwdriver will slip and scrape the finished paint which is not something we want to happen!
 A new restoration project was started today.  This is one of the historic boats that belong to Camp Darrow which is where Elisa will be canoe guiding for the summer.  This canoe had been repaired several times in the past which may of keep it floating but would not win any woodworking awards!  We'll be replacing the rails and decks this week and then do a few ribs and a bit of planking next week.

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