Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ok, some times the world does appear to be upside down! I was doing a bit of work to the camera and left it on the bench upside down and went away for the week end.  It does give a nice prospective of the shop bench and window!

After we got our world right side up, discovered the things looked a lot more normal.  On the left we are replacing an oak transom in a 16 ft Old Town boat.  Its quite the project.  the inside keelson also needs replacing, thats the board down the middle of the boat on the inside.  Both the keelson and the transome have a lot of changeing bevels that are all cut by hand.  they are fun to do but take some time!
The middle boat is the "White Wolf" which is a project canoe for Camp Darrow in Maine.  Its a historic canoe for the camp because the original camp director helped build it but it has seen hard times!
The Blue canoe is the 25 foot  for Pine Island Camps . the basic blue hull has been painted and now we are adding a gray "Arrow" about 2.5" below the rail.  Can you guess what two colors are the camp colors?

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