Monday, September 20, 2010

Well the stripping is all done for another year!  There were some questions about sandblasting the interior with shells so we would not have to use the chemical stripper.   Unfortunatily with all the cornors due to the ribs and planking and the cedar being so soft the shell blasting tecnique  just does not work for canoes.  Its impossible to get into the cornors without really chewing up the wood.
Peter has been gone for a while for some wildernesss medical  training and now he is on a two day fishing trip.
I'm working on a one quarter scale model of the B.N. Morris canoe.  The model is just about four feet long.  Its really easy to work around the boat but  making everything to scale can be a challenge.  Making everthing to scale means there are as many peices as in the full size boat but we have to make them to scale which means we end up doing just about as much work for a model as we do for a full size boat. 
this boat is going to Richard Cross of Eugene OR. 

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