Wednesday, October 27, 2010

 The small 1/4 scale model of the B.N. Morris canoe is getting closer to completion.  Its a bit harder working on such a small scale and keeping everything accurate for its size and shape.  We could cover the whole hull with just two pieces of planking but to keep everything looking accurate the planking is cut right to the 1/4 scale size.  It looks very accurate but it also means there are as many pieces of planking and as much nailing as on the full size boat, its just closer together!  The hull above has been completed, the exterior sanded and varnish and then waxed which is why it looks so shinny. 
when we cut firewood the other day I left a not on the wood stove that we were not in the shop but were out back cutting firewood.  the next day I started a fire in the stove but I forgot to take the sign off the stove.  So here is a picture of my firewood sign burning ON and not IN the wood stove.  You would be surprised on how much smoke a small piece of planking can cause!

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