Thursday, January 6, 2011

The new Year

  As we've said elsewhere we are just not blog kind of guys. You can see that we don't post as often as we should, but there it is, like having bees live in your head. Here you can see Rollin working on an early courting canoe. They called them such because they were all decked out and fancy, There were large ornate decks on either end. The open part formed a small cockpit so to speak and was close quartered. You can see the deck frames that are at the quarter station. The center, surrounded by a coaming, was around five feet long. This would make for a cozy setting for courting. There was usually one seat or really wide thwart for the fella and the lady would sit on cushions on the bottom of the canoe.

  This is a Peterborough lapstrake double ended rowing Canoe. Extensive rot down the middle will make for a long repair.

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