Thursday, April 21, 2011
Pam, our shipping person has just enough time now that the material orders have shipped, to give some direction to Rollin on fitting the deck framing on Ken Kelly's boat.Pam has more time in the shop this week not having to drive school bus.It's school vacation .Ken's green boat is a "Dodo"16 foot Charles River courting canoe with 60 inch decks.Notice the boat is painted a two tone green.Ken waits patiently in Grand Rapids for us to finish his canoe.
That's Garrett Conover working on sanding the inside of Leonard Robbins Old Town square stern.We are going to miss Garrett as he only has two weeks left with us before resuming his duties up at Boarstone Mountain Sanctuary in Elliotsville Maine.This square stern needs lots of restoration and Garnet has spent many long hours sanding the canoe.Where there's lots of dust, he makes sure to keep his mask on and we make sure to keep our fire extinguishers ready in case sparks fly. We are sending out five of our fire extinguishers for recharging.With Rollin, Peter, and Garrett on board, safety is the number one priority.The maroon boat on the left belongs to Gary Wells from Westborough Mass.We have put on the first coat of maroon paint with a few more to go.Stay tuned as the completed paint job will include decorative striping and design.

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kdixon-wallace said...

And I thought you were only looking out for Kineo's safety, glad you are looking out for Garrett as well.