Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kineo, Peters son, in the red shirt has worked in the shop off an on for many years.  He is now a junior in high school.  He has been accepted at  a advanced science and math school which means he be away form home for the next two school years.  This was the last day of his being able to work in the shop.  Pam made him a cake and we had some going away presents.  His mother , grandmother and some shop friends were able to make the party!

 Late summer and early fall means one thing at the canoe shop.

 Its Stripping Season!  Its time to break down the canoes that we will be working on for the following year, remove the seats, decks, rails and other hardware so the interior varnish can be stripped with the chemical remover.  Its a most unpleasant job, messy and obnoxious but on that externally important to be done well.  We have to dress up in all kinds of protective gear which is hot and uncomfortable but it keeps us from killing our self's!  We do the stripping now because the weather is not too hot and its not too cold yet which inhibits the chemical stripper.  We do all the canoes in a two week period just to get rid of the job and not have to do it any more for the rest of year!

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Steve Ambrose said...

That's a helluva stripper you have there Rollin. Do you hire him out? ;)

Congrats to Kineo (and Peter)!