Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mrs. Alling  has three canoes to be restored.  Her families farm was a salt water farm in Kennebunk Me. The farm included Parson Beach which the public was allowed to use and it also happen to be where Andrea and got engaged way back in 1969.  Little did I know that right there in that huge barn were three canoes that would hep me earn my living!
One of the canoes is a small Old Town which is in the picture. the other two are reported of of been built by a native American by the name Ranco.  He built fine canoes based upon the earlier birch bark canoes.  ther is anice exhibit of his work at the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk. 

Mrs Marilyn Stong Townsend and her husband  of Jefferson Me. brought her families canoe to be restored. It appears to be approximately a 1940's E.M. White that has been repaired several times before.  Its going to be a challenge to correct everything that has been done to it but the hull has its basic shape so it will be doable! 

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David Deland said...

She must have been riding canoes since she was young to be so good at it. It seems she also has a passion for it. With all that passion in tow, her love for riding canoes will just grow stronger and stronger!