Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Blog is Back!

After three years of working at Northwoods Canoe, I have decided to take on my responsibility as Shop Millenial and to write about the shop... on the internet!

If you missed the blog, have no fear!
It's back: news from the shop, a little background on our projects and even more pictures than you might catch on the web cam.

If you are not yet a follower of our canoecam, check it out here and watch the progress!


1 comment:

William Garringer said...

Nice to see the blog is back; it has been a while since we all have been able to follow along with the Adventures of Northwoods Canoe Company.

I would expect to see some early Britannia female novelist influence in your writings…

Perhaps some blogs like 'The Emperor of the Canoe'



Of course, reading 'Elisa or the History of a Young Canoe Builder’s Entrance into the World' would be epic!