Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You want ribs? We got ribs!

The new year means not just stripping, but a restock of our materials. Rollin went up north to visit a couple of sawmills last week. He came back with over 600 board feet of cedar. Time to make ribs!

Over the past three days, Stephen and I have cut the cedar to width and sanded the ribs to thickness. Our progress covered the shop with dust but we ended up with a beautiful, clean and tidy stack of ribs, ready for your canoe!

Watch the dust billow in the shop
and see the piles go up and down: progress!

Suited up and already dusty!
The piles form! These pieces have already been cut once and are ready for slicing.

The ribs are cut to width on the table saw
In and out of the thickness sander

Ribs? Check.

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Jeff Wasserman said...

Hey Elisa,

Nice work on the blog! It was about a year ago I was milling ribs for my Cheemaun build. I do wish I was headed north again this year. Say hi to everyone,