Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here is the inside of Kaiser's sq. stern boat.  Peter has installed the new transom and inside keelson.  He is now in the process of replacing broken ribs. so far he has done about 18 ribs and has another eight or so to go.  The ribs on the boat only go to the center of the boat so they are a bit easier to replace than a full length rib.  With this many ribs to replace the steaming and bending and fitting of the new ribs is done in about four different steaming operations. The bracing on either side of the keelson are just temporary braces to help hold the boat shape while we are working on it.  There will also be a lot of planking to replace which we should be able to start today.
The rain has left us, the sun came out yesterday and tonight its suppose to snow.  A nice fluffy layer of new snow will make the snowshoeing and skiing a lot more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

What do you have set up as a Steamer
? Could we see that unit and how it works to allow one to bend wood.

Steve Chase said...

Nice work Pete.