Friday, February 26, 2010

Oops, Well I guess I should check my notes instead of depending upon my paint fumed induced brain.  Benson Gray's canoe is a 1904 H.W. model which, of course, all good wooden canoe people know was when the company name had been finalized as the Old Town Canoe Company.  The Indian Old Town Canoe Co. name was used only in 1901.  Also while the Old Town records are continuous after #3000 there are a few records earlier than that but #2781 is one of the ones missing.  Well that's not too many mistakes for a short one paragraph blog.  I guess I better let Peter do the blog writing!
The above pictures dos not have anything to do with Benson's boat!  Its just a nice curved mahogany coaming that going into a new Kingfisher.

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