Monday, March 1, 2010

Peter is working on Bruce Gardner's18 ft closed gunwale B.N. Morris.  Its been quite an extensive overhaul; over 12 ribs, 120 ft of planking, both inside stems, both inside rails,decks, keel and new canvas and paint!  Peter is installing the two  mahogany outside caps.  On a closed gunwale canoe the outside rail is just a thin cap and not a heavy rail like on most canoes that you see today.  The system of useing caps on the outside and on top of a  heavy inside rail was a carry over design from the Penobscot Indian birch bark canoes. 
Morris did put a stamped serial number in his canoes but its not clear how his numbering system worked. I estimate that this canoe was built around 1910.  The high quality of workmanship and the design of the Morris canoes makes t worth while to put this amount of work to bring the boat back to life.

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Dave W said...

I just wanted you guys to know there are people (like me) checking in on your blog updates every couple days... Thanx for doing it -- I find the work you do quite fascinating. Hope to come visit some day!