Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday was spent packaging a 15 ft Kingfisher to ship to Seattle.  We basically built a 16ft plywood box to ship the boat in.  I think the crate weighs more than the boat does and it wasn't easy getting the whole thing out of the shop.  We built some ramps and with the help of some rollers, we rolled it up on top of the shop utility trailer.  Once we had everything in place the rollers worked slick and one person was able to move the  crate quite easily. It was a bit harder rolling it uphill on to the trailer but not a difficult we thought it might of been!  Check out yesterdays video of the whole process.
We do not have to resort to crating up the boats very often but when we have to ship the boats by a general trucking company then the boats need all the protection we can give them.   Its too bad it was not cost effective to return the crate to be reused but it cost just as much to ship an empty crate as it does one with a boat in it.  The crate should make a great fort for some lucky kids!

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Anonymous said...

you should have said you needed delivery out west i was headed that way