Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You may of noticed that we have a new person working in the shop.  That is Elisa Schine who will be working with us for the next eight weeks.   She is really a wilderness canoe guide for Camp Darrow located on Grand Lake in Maine.  She'll be working in the shop until the camp opens up for the summer.  Elisa will be guiding their six week long canoe trip into the wilds of Labrador Canada.  Camp Darrow has an exceptional program in that the kids spend just a few days in base camp and all the rest of time they are on very exciting canoeing adventures.  They also only use wood and canvas canoes so they take the time to teach the campers proper canoeing techniques and how to take responsibility for their equipment.   Elisa is also a college English major so maybe I should be having her write the bogs.

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