Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peter has a couple weeks off so you won't see his jolly self working in the shop for a while.  He has to guide a client on a fishing trip on the Allagash River.  A tough job but somebody has to do it!
The blue canoe in the picture is a 15 ft B.N. Morris. It has cherry trim and seats and a ash outside stem.  The canoe is for the Marfood USA company.  They produce Pemmican Beef Jerky and the canoe is to be used as prize in a national contest that they will be running to promote their beef jerky.  No, they are not paying in beef jerky!
The long canoe is a 25 ft Old Town War Canoe that belongs to Pine Island Camps.  The war canoes were used by a lot of camps because they could hold a lot of kids at one time.  A 25 ft canoe takes up a lot of room but its not really much wider than the standard 20 ft canoe, the middle of the boat is just much longer!

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Anonymous said...

How long is this canoe? The one with no canvas.. Looks to be a war canoe??
Nice work