Monday, May 10, 2010

That's right, take a look at an empty work shop!  That does not happen too often but we happen to have most of the boats done to stage here they are in the paint room being varnished or hull painted or they are outside being wet sanded.  Having the empty shop is a great opportunity to give the whole area an extra cleaning.  We took two hours Friday afternoon just to clean the canoe building room and it's looking great.  I found some tools that had been hidden under piles of junk that finally got cleaned out.
The room does not stay empty for very long.  Monday morning we brought out the Kingfisher that had been in paint room to have the interior varnished.  Peter will be installing the seat rails in the boat and then it should be ready to be canvased and then the filler will be rubbed into the weave of the canvas.  The canvasing of the sq. stern boats is a bit different form the standard canoes and I'll try to set up the canoecam to get some good pictures of the set up.

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