Sunday, June 20, 2010

After the outside of the form is planed and sanded smooth, steel bands are installed in the exact location where the canoe ribs will be bent over the form.  Latter when the canoe is being built and the canoe tacks are diven through the planking and the ribs, the tip of the brass tack will hit the steel band and bend over like a fish hook which makes for a very tight fastening.  Here Paul is installing the steel bands around the outside of the form.
After six days of intense work the form is all done!  This is rather fast for building a good form but since the Whisper is such a small boat and Paul is a very experienced in working in the shop it work out very well. Bean will miss having Otis to play with but he will make up for it by being able to play in Paul's school shop helping his students build their own Whisper canoe.

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Anonymous said...

I am coming up to see you boys soon!
Little bear canoes
Love your work