Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here we see our student Paul Huston, discussing the next step in the construction of the 10 ft whisper form with his might dog "Otis".  Otis does not say much but he does have excellent communication with Paul. Otis has been having a great time playing with Bean but he does miss all his friends back home and at school.
The form is turned right side up in this picture.  You can see the plywood stations that make up the core of the form.  Outside the stations are the pine ribbons that will form the wood hull for the form.

Here is Paul finishing installing the  3/4" square pine ribbons on the outside of the form.  The pine ribbon strips are screwed and glued to the plywood stations that we set up earlier.  The ribbons are also glued to each other to make a very strong sold wood "hull" that will be the exact shape of the inside of the canoe that is built over the form.  Because the pine ribbons are square, all the edges will have to be planed and  carefully sanded so the hull is as smooth as possible.  The finished canoe that is to be built over the form  will  only be as smooth as the form it is built over.  The building, shaping and finishing of the forms wood hull is extremely important


Anonymous said...

That form looks great!

Anonymous said...

Looks good! Can't wait to start working with it in September!