Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Voyager had been taken out of the shop for the last time, Its all done.  Its such a big boat and it seems to take forever to finish it off but it makes the shop seem empty when its finally taken out for good.  Now all we have to do it figure out how to transport it to MI.  As you can imagine, the regular trucking companies are not very good at moving large wood/canvas boats!  Is anyone happen to be traveling by MI that has a trailer hitch?
There were just two small boats in the shop building room today.  Peter is working on a old 1900's E.H. Gerrish. Its not in too bad of shape but it is 110 years old so a few dents and dings are expected.  Both the center planks have been removed( the guardboard planks).  They were split and broken in a few places but we also had to remove them to get access to the broken ribs that were under both stems.

I'm working on my personal 13 ft American Beauty.  After some hard use the bottom deserved a new coat of paint.  I would of kept on using it with the old paint but we are attending the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Assembly at Ringdle H.H. next week and this is one of the boats that we are taking.  The Assembly is a great festival of all kinds of wooden canoes from around the country which we go to almost every year.  So the Assembly is a good excuses for me to do the maintenance to my boats that I should be doing anyway!
The guy to the right is Dave Bessler who is a very talented carpenter that lives in town.  Hes working on a small addition to my house while I work on getting ready for the Assembly.  The only problem with him working on the house is now my wife has someone to do all the projects that I kept putting off and I haven't found a way to them from planning even more projects!

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