Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its been very busy in the shop for the last couple of days.  We're getting ready to attend the annual Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Assemby in southern N.H. Its big four day event attended by three to four hundred wooden canoe nuts.  They bring the widest assortment of wooden canoe that you could ever see and everyone discusses nothing but wooden canoes for four days.  While the events and classes at the Assembly are very laid back and friendly it is still a big event for the shop.
I'll be teaching a steam bending workshop and a lofting workshop.  It took several days last week to prepare materials for the classes and this week we have been doing the final inspection and wrapping of canoes that we take to the Assembly. We have three new canoes and four restorations to prepare for the show.   We will be delivering four canoes for customers and picking up a couple that will be coming back to the shop for future repairs.  Of course we hope to pick up a few new canoe orders also!
Both Peter and I will be attending the show.  Wed will be a travel and set up day.  Saturday will be the last day of the show.  There will not be much activity in the shop while we are gone.  Pam will be here a bit. Besides doing a bit of mail orders and answering the phone her job will be to give the shop a massive cleaning while we are gone.  That may not too exciting on the shopcam but it will certainly be nice for us when we return!

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