Sunday, August 1, 2010

Well we have been getting some work done in the shop! Here Peter and I are working on a 25 ft Old Town War Canoe.  The war canoe has kind of the lines of the "OTCA" model on steroids!  Its wide, deep and long with the traditional Old Town Otca looking bows.  This particular boat was not in too bad of shape but it still has taken a bit of work to get it back into good shape.  We re-canvased it several months ago and not the filler is dry so we can start installing the outside rails, stems and keel.  Most of the canoes like this were owned by summer children camps so they could put a lot of campers in one canoe.  Old Town made them up to 36 ft long which would strain the ability of the shop if one of them came in the door!

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