Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They say the camera adds 10 lbs.  I'm sure that must be the problem!


Benjamin said...

Too much Canadian coffee? Oh wait you don't have any Tim Hortons down that way do you haha!

Just a there a problem with the camera? I didn't get to see the courting canoe canvas job. It stops not too long after 1:00pm. Great work though!! Keep it up!
Oh, in the very near future I will be ordering canvasing supplies.

Rollin said...

Its not the coffee, its what goes with the coffee!
The camera computer has a mind of its own. Sometimes it just quits either sending pictures or storing pictures or both. That is all controlled by a computer in the office. We did not notice the computer stopped sending until the end of the day.
Most of the time it will run flawlessly for several days and then all of sudden we may have to restart it several times in one day. It must have something to do with power surges or something like that.