Friday, March 25, 2011

 Above is a rare picture of an empty shop!  Well its not exactly empty but there aren't any boats in the work room which does not happen very often.  We just happen to of finished up some boats and took them to the storage shed.  All the other boats were in the paint room waiting their turn with the paint brushes.
It wasn't long before we had the building room full again.  In the second picture Peter is starting on the planking for a new 17ft. B.N. Morris for Marcel Jumonville of Covington LA.  In the middle, Garrett Conover and I are installing cherry rails on a new 16ft Medford Explorer.  This is one of the rare boats that we are building on specualation.  I wanted a new boat to take to the July 2011 Wooden Canoe Assembly and thought this one would be a good one show.  If anyone is interested in purchasing it we can talk about the completion but I would still want to be able to show it at the Assembly.
We had 4" of snow this week but I declared its past the snow shoveling season and have refused to do anymore shoveling.  I'll wait for summer even if I have wade hip deep thought the snow!

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