Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That's Right, that is the WORLDS TOUGHEST MAN leaning on the wood stove that is the heat source for the shop.  It is still snowing and below freezing here in this part of the North so that wood stove that Peter is leaning on  is still very much in use! 
OK, maybe his hand is not leaning directly on the wood stove but hes still a tough guy!
What he really is doing is working on the cant ribs that will go into the Morris canoe in the background.  the cant ribs are short ribs that go in the extream ends of the canoe.  They are installed after the hull is almost all planked. The short straight ribs have to be bent just a bit to fit in place, but its not so much of a bend that its worth starting up the steam box.  Peter has wet one of the ribs, placed it the stove top  and then using a clinch iron on top of the rib hes pressing the rib down on the hot stove to heat it up in the area that needs to be bent.  After a a bit of heating he is able to just remove the rib form the stove top and bend it by hand to the curve of the hull and then nail it in place.
I guess this also gives him a good opportunity to stand back and inspect the work that I'm doing, sanding the cherry rails on the blue  16' Medford Explorer.

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