Saturday, April 2, 2011

Here I am working on the 10ft. Thompson Bros dingy for Mr. Adams.  For such a little boat there is a lot to it.  Three seats and framing, outside stems, keel, inside bilge stringers and assorted rowing hardware.  It seems like I have been working on it all week just installing bits and pieces but now its to the varnishing and painting stage so things should proceed fairly swiftly now.
In the foreground is Peters son Kineo.  He works most Fridays after school. this Friday, April 1st, we had a large snowstorm dropping about 12 inches of wet heavy snow on us.  School for Friday was canceled the day before so Kineo came in to work all day in the ship.  Here he is sanding the interior of the Morris canoe. Kineos Mom- please note that he is wearing his hearing protection and dusk mask.  We try to take care of the help even if we don't take care of ourselves!
The snow storm knocked out the electrical power in the mid afternoon.  We could work another couple of hours but we did knock off a bit early just because we could not vacuum off anything for painting and varnishing!

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