Thursday, July 28, 2011

Most of the time Pam is working in the office or doing the shipping of materials but since she does not have to drive the school bus in the summer she has more time to work in the shop.  Here Pam and I are working on a 15 ft Chestnut canoe for Mrs Coombs.  The canoe has had a hard life and almost all the ribs are broken and most of them broken two or three places!.  You can see we have some outside wood battens fastened to the hull to help keep the hull smooth as we replace ribs. 
Here is the inside few of the Chestnut canoe with most of the ribs replaced.  The rails have been removed  and there are some extra wood battens and temporary thwarts to help hold everything together.  This is one of those cases where its would be less expensive to build a new canoe but of course then it would not be the same canoe that had been in the family for generations!

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Hi Folks:

I am curious. What is the little canoe to the left in the photo? Is it the same one that Peter canvassed on 8/11?