Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Well, it has been quite a while since the blog has been updated!  I had some computor difficuties with the blog which most grade school kids could  work out, but being over 60 it gave me some difficulty.  BUT I did get it worked out!
Last week Peter and his boys, Kineo and Telos took a trip to FL to see the last space shutttle launch.  Peter took the opportunity to deliver four boats down the East Coast and pick up three boats on the return trip.
My wife,Andrea, and I along with Pam spent most of the week at the Wooden Canoe Assembly at Paul Smith's New York.  The focus of this years assembly was canoes by H.R. Rushton.  There were over 300 wooden canoes at the Assembly so if you like wooden canoes this was the place to be!
Anyway, we are all back in the shop and hard at work! 
In the above picture Peter and I are working on installing the rails on one of our new 17 ft B.N. Morris canoes.  Kineo  is replacing a few ribs in a old Old Town Canoe and  Chris is moving some saw horses around getting ready for another boat. Kineo and Chris work part time in the shop for the summer

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